Monday, April 8, 2013

Free Education Webinars

When I first started working for Reading Horizons six-and-a-half years ago, one of my first assignments was to conduct a webinar. A "webinar?" I asked. I hadn't heard the term "webinar" before. When I discussed this assignment with colleagues at the time, the term "webinar" was unfamiliar to them, as well. I felt like I was breaking new ground.

Since that time, webinars have become a popular and effective way to provide free online professional development. Reading Horizons provides free webinars that can be accessed here. Webinar topics range from Teaching All Students to Read by Dr. Joseph Torgesen, to Developing Fluent Readers by Neil Anderson, to Using Learning Centers to Meet Needs in Multilevel ESL Classrooms by Dr. Robin Lovrien Schwarz. These webinars are just one of the many types of free online resources now available for professional development.

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