Friday, January 14, 2011

Free RTI Online Resource

I'm currently working with my curriculum team on creating some reading passages for kids ages 4-9 to help them practice decoding in context. One of my colleagues introduced me to a website called "Intervention Central", which was designed to serve as a resource for Response to Intervention (RTI) teachers. I thought it was worth sharing this resource on this blog since it has several helpful tools that can be used in various classroom settings.

My team and I are using the reading fluency passage generator tool to pilot our stories. We simply copy and paste our passage text into a box and click "submit," and the website creates a document we can use to pilot our passages. The number of words on each line are identified in the right margin, as well as the Grade Level Equivalency score/s of our choice. We've chosen to use the Flesch-Kincaid measure, but you can opt to use any number of readability formulas, including (but not limited to) Fog Index, Spache, SMOG-Grading, and Coleman-Liau. The website also provides a number of other kinds of tools, including a letter naming fluency probe generator, a wordlist fluency generator, and a maze passage generator (similar to a cloze exercise), to name a few. There is also a math worksheet generator. Although this website was designed specifically as an RTI resource, I find the tools on this website effective for various language classrooms.


  1. I have found this website to be benefical.

  2. I'm glad you find this website useful, Vondria! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Heidi, the link you have for the "reading fluency passage generator" has an extra space (%20) in it so it doesn't work. Try changing it to "".

    Jim, Peace Corps volunteer working in a rural primary school in Thailand

  4. Thanks, Jim! I appreciate that catch. I fixed the link. :) Good luck to you with your teaching in Thailand!