Friday, January 28, 2011

Back in India

The Peery School
I arrived at Rising Star Outreach yesterday afternoon. It's beautiful here! After the driver picked me up from the airport in Chennai, we took the hour-and-a-half drive to the Rising Star Outreach campus. When we arrived at Rising Star and we pulled into the driveway, I was amazed at the beautiful landscaping and the changes that have taken place since my visit two-and-a-half years ago. There is an additional wing of the school that has been added on. There is now a playground for the children. A dining hall has been added where the children eat. A beautiful guest house was built for volunteers. I'm excited to be back again helping at the school. Since I've arrived, I've taught some classes, met with teachers, visited the Bindu Art School, and helped at a leprosy colony. There's plenty of work to be done every day.
The Volunteer Guest House

Mary (English teacher) in the computer lab using Reading Horizons
I have heard some wonderful anecdotal feedback about how wonderful the Reading Horizons program is working here. I chatted with some of the house mothers and teachers yesterday while the children were playing, and they were so excited to find out that I worked with Reading Horizons. They said they love the program and that it is helping them so much. A couple of the older students were there, as well, and they were excited to tell me that they love the program, too.

Student excited to show off her writing and art work

I played with the children on the playground today. The children call me "auntie." I’m glad to be back.

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