Friday, May 17, 2013

Adapting Online Apps in the Classroom

With the rise of social media and online apps, an increased interest from educators in how to utilize these online resources in the classroom has surfaced. I have blogged before about using technology in the classroom. Two of these blog posts include Free Online Videos for the ESL and ELL Classrooms and Five Free Technology Tools for ELL/ESL Teachers and Students. I am always interested in learning new ideas about how to integrate and adapt useful technology and online resources in the classroom.

A colleague reached out to me this week and inquired about whether I would be interested in sharing a link to an online article she authored which examines the use of the Vine app in classrooms. This app could be used in a variety of ways, including use for demos and tutorials. Links to tutorials and practical tips are included in the article, which can be found here:

I have not yet used this app myself, but I am interested in your thoughts. Would you find this resource useful? What other online apps are you adapting in your classroom? Feel free to share your insights!

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