Thursday, June 14, 2012

Motivating Readers: Introducing Evertaster, a Novel by Adam Glendon Sidwell -- Part 2

My last blog post discussed motivating readers through engaging text, and I introduced a new novel called Evertaster written by my friend Adam Glendon Sidwell. (A colleague of mine also blogged about the book here.) I wanted to announce that today, June 14th, is the book's official release date! You can buy the book online on Amazon here for a discounted price today only. I plan to visit Amazon today between 12:00 and 2:00 PST for Amazon's four-for-three promotion (buy four for the price of three). Happy reading!

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  1. Hi Everyone! Thanks for checking out the book! Thanks Heidi, for such a fun post. Because of posts like these we had incredible success yesterday on launch day! Evertaster shot up the Bestseller list on Amazon. The book hit #51 overall at one point, and was #1 in Children’s Mystery, right next to John Grisham and Percy Jackson.

    Thanks for everyone’s support out there!