Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Technology Tools for the ESL Classroom

I just listened to a great webinar presented by Deborah Healey and Robert Elliott of the University of Oregon, hosted by They provided some great ideas for how to integrate free technology tools in the classroom, including the use of Google docs, Google forms, Google sites, Voxopop (an online listening forum), and Visuwords (an online graphic dictionary), to name a few. The link to their presentation can be found here, which is loaded with useful links to the tools they shared. They've also prepared a great wiki for these tools that can be found here. I'm particularly interested in trying the Google Sites tool that I just learned about.

I'm continually grateful for professionals who are willing to share their expertise!

(See also my post on Five Free Technology Tools.)

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  1. I agree. It is an interesting balance to find effective uses of technology without compromising class learning time, such as letting students use their translators on their phones without the distraction of incoming calls and texts. I've had students turn their phones on airplane mode on the days they are allowed to use their cell phones for classroom learning purposes.