Monday, February 28, 2011

Phonics for Arabic Speakers in the Middle East

Today I reported to my colleagues at a staff meeting on my experience in India with Rising Star Outreach. I embark tomorrow on a new adventure that takes me to the Middle East. I will be visiting Qatar, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. I will be meeting with educators and administrators, including Ministries of Education, to discuss literacy strategies to help native Arabic speakers. I will also be attending TESOL Arabia in Dubai, as well as conducting a one-day workshop on the Reading Horizons method for interested educators, hosted by Knowledge Hub based in Dubai.

I have heard quite a bit of anecdotal feedback about the benefits of using phonics to teach Arabic speakers. (See my blog post entitled "Phonics for Arabic Speakers".) I'm looking forward to learning first-hand about the specific needs of EFL students in this part of the world so that I can learn more about how phonics fills these needs. I hope to be able to contribute to native Arabic speakers' learning of English and improving their literacy skills.

(See my posts on phonics in the Middle East here and here.)

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