Monday, October 27, 2008

Language Learning Strategies for ESL Students - Links

I had the opportunity to chair the annual Intermountain TESOL Conference this past weekend in St. George, Utah where attendees were privileged to hear plenary addresses from two world-renowned experts in language learning strategies for ESL students: Dr. Andrew Cohen and Dr. Anna Chamot. Dr. Cohen discussed the development of a website for helping students learn to develop grammar strategies while learning Spanish. Dr. Chamot discussed how to help K-12 students become good language learners by using language learning strategies. I want to share a couple of links that were provided in their presentations.

- Dr. Cohen's grammar strategies website:

- Dr. Cohen's personal website, which contains other helpful links:

- Dr. Chamot's Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA): For a list of strategies developed by Chamot, see

- Links to Cohen's and Chamot's handouts, as well as other presenters' handouts, will be available at shortly.

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