Friday, July 18, 2008

ESL Spelling Tip: One-Syllable Words that End in S, F, and Z

Look at these words:

buzz - miss - fluff
jazz - fuss - cuff
fizz - bless - muff

What do you notice about the spelling of these words?

Here is a spelling tip: In single-syllable words that contain a short-vowel sound and end in the letters S, F, or Z, the ending consonant is usually doubled. Look at a few more words:

razz - kiss - puff

There are only 20 exceptions: is, as, his, has, was, gas, bus, yes, us, plus, pus, this, goes, does, says, if, of, clef, whiz, and quiz. Most of these words, however, are high-frequency words that have to be memorized anyway because they are used so often.

Look for one-syllable words that end in double S, F, and Z in your reading and you'll be surprised at how important this spelling rule is because it's so common!

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Spelling tip adapted from the Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself method found in the Decoding Strategies for Literacy Development manual published by Reading Horizons.

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